Spirit Rescue, Spirit Removal, Spirit Attachment

*Spirit Removal in England - West London Isleworth, and also REMOTELY
By:Spirit Release - Exorcism, The Spirit Release Way

In the past freeing people and places of Earthbound spirits and negative entities was called Exorcism, now it is called Spirit Release The difference is that Exorcism banished the spirit from the person or the place, it had no compassion for the spirit as it would have been deemed to be evil.

Spirit Release on the other hand has compassion for the spirit as well as for the client. Earthbound spirits are helped into the light and negative entities are either helped into the light or put into the custody of the angels.

Unlike some people who claim to Exorcise or even remove unwanted spirit attachments, we use the tried and trusted Spirit Release Therapy, it is the method we use to release Spirit entity's from you, the living person as pioneered by Dr. Irene Hickman.

The Releasement can be done directly with the person wishing the procedure Or It can also be carried out remotely. The term remote means that the work can be done from a distance. This is possible because we work in the higher consciousness.

Some people are more susceptible to picking up stray spirits than others. There are many ways of unintentionally picking up spirits. Hospitals and pubs are very likely places.

Hospitals, because people die in them, and therefore there are likely to be more lost souls in hospitals than in other places.

Pubs tend to attract the lost souls of alcoholics which then in turn attach themselves to a person so they can have the pleasure of drink.