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Worldwide: Australia - Canberra
Alex Fulford <alexfulford63@gmail.com>

International Clairvoyant-Medium and Spiritual Healer

Born in Scotland, into a family of psychics, Alex didnít know that she was psychic until a young adult.

Alex is in the lucky position of having all 6 Clairs (psychic senses), just like the physical ones.

Awarded the Australian Psychics Association's Psychic of the year 2013 for the ACT (Canberra). Alex is a trained Psychic healer and Trance Medium.

Alex has visions of famous people who are about to pass into spirit, such as the Shah of Iran back in 1979, Pope John Paul II, the death of Libyaís Col Gaddafi in 2011 and Gough Whitlam in 2015 (Whitlamís death was published in the Australian psychicís directory 2013). Alex also has premonitions, some of which come in dream form.

Alex is also a regular contributor tor to, The Supernatural Magazine in the UK and former a radio show host on A1R Psychic radio from the USA.

Alex has read for public figures such as T Stokes the renowned English Palmist and Tracie Austin Peters of US TVís Letís Talk Paranormal. She is often called on by the media for interviews which is reflected on her blog. http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com.au/

In her work as a clairvoyant-medium and healer, Alex uses all of her gifts as she conduct readings. Helping people that come to her; for guidance and clarity in their lives. Sometimes it is the spirit that comes to Alex for help. Alex never set out to help spirits that are earth bound move on. But from time to time it happens.

Alex is also skilled in closing energy portals and house clearances.

Being very passionate about animals, Alex is a natural animal intuitive. Animals are a very big part of her life. Alex says, that being in service to God, the Great Spirit, is the most vital service of her life.

In 2015 Alex was given a 5 star rating in the US by Maximilian de Lafayette, and mentioned in the book, When heaven calls you.