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Worldwide: Switzerland

My name is Moniq Clerc. In1996, I had the privilege to follow the teaching of Mrs Rita Earey, and that of many other mediums at the Arthur Findlay College in England. Since 2003, I have taught people who wish to open themselves to the work of a medium. I also give private sessions, public demonstrations and give conferences in Switzerland and France. I created a Code of Ethics for mediums and the first Psychic Revue for the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Conveying these teachings, ethics, trust and kindness are my priorities. My purpose is to live in happiness and to enable people to connect themselves to the Spiritual world.

I now wish to pass on my experience in other countries. If you are open to this project, and desire a confident, joyful, ethical and respectful medium, and you speak French (my only language), then please contact me via my web site : www.lavoixdelame.ch , I shall be only too pleased to meet and work together with you.