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USA - California - Los Angeles
Coral Menasherov-Schaeffler, Spiritual, Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyant, Aura Readings <Blanche@coralsc.com>

Coral’s Clairvoyance is as natural to her as breathing. Born into the ancient healing traditions of mystical Georgia, it has always been routine for Coral to converse with souls and the healing nature spirits. Coral’s mind is connected with all time and space, this provides her with Universal Consciousness to see the levels of the aura, communicate with the soul, and diagnose the needs of each individual soul’s path. Coral combines her multidimensional healing abilities to heal you and give you unique tools to achieve the most in this life.

Coral is a world-renowned Clairvoyant and Soul Seer. The author of “Keys to the Universe” and “The Journey to Spirituality.” Coral clears the karma and guides you to Master your Destiny.

Coral‘s full dedication to healing came when her twins where born in 1981. One of her daughters died and the other was left severely handicapped. In a vision she was asked to assist her deceased daughter’s soul into the light.