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USA - California - Lomita
Savina Thompson

Lomita based Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive Savina Thompson has been a professional spiritual medium for over 8 years, connecting those in spirit with their loved ones on earth. As a Medical Intuitive, Savina can view the body to see imbalances, disease, etc. within the organs, tissue, bones and blood. She can also receive information about predisposed conditions within your family.

Savina is a lifelong natural Psychic Medium who is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. She is also an Animal Communicator.

Savina was a regular guest on Los Angeles radio station KBIG 104.3's nightly radio show, "Radio Medium," performing psychic medium readings on-air and her book "Voices and Visions," is set for publication soon.

She also teaches beginning through advanced psychic medium work and psychic development.

See video of Savina's first "blind" psychic crime scene investigation.