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UK - London - Grove Park
Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>

Anne-Marie is a wonderful, warm, Spiritual Medium and amazing Spirit Portrait Artist, who now visits spiritual churches and centres within the UK to present demonstrations of her mediumship and Spirit Art. She is proud that she has never had to take home any 'Spirit Portraits' drawn at any event as each ones finds their loved ones in the audience.

She is an author of two wonderful books available via Amazon, "Just Real Useable Tarot Spreads" (for those that can read tarot without the need of keywords) and "My Life Time Journal" a keepsake memory book every Mother should complete and give to their child as not everyone gets to say goodbye. A great book for ANY Spiritual Medium.

Anne-Marie is also a spiritual development teacher and a highly sort after professional Psychic tarot card reader, having successfully read for hundreds of people all over the globe. She is quite humble with her unique abilities and shies away from the limelight as her main aim is to bring both worlds close enough that even for a short moment in time, both souls can re-unite, for the one common goal to prove life continues after physical death which also brings peace of mind and can heal the heart.

She is available to travel overseas for your events, whilst also available to provide private or online readings via her website. A lovely lady, with a warm heart and an amazing connection to spirit.