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UK - Dorset - Wimborne

I am an independent deep trance medium of Shamanic tradition offering deep trance sittings giving the opportunity of talking directly with The Tribe of The Standing Bear in The Realms of Spirit and linking you with your Ancestors (loved ones who have returned to the Homelands of The Realms of Spirit). As part of my work I also offer Power Animal Spirit Card Readings as a means of self-awareness in addressing the worries and problems of your life in the present. More a means of self-healing and affirmation than of divination, the Spirit Animals step forward to offer Their gifts so that you might feel empowered and uplifted by Their loving presence as you face life's many situations and trials. I can assist with the Card readings via Skype.

I also offer deep trance Healing with The Tribe of The Standing Bear and Reiki treatments as required