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Debbie Maya <debbiemaya@yahoo.co.uk>

Debbie Maya
(DMS Astrol.)

Debbie Maya is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, with a specialist field in reading the energies surrounding soul mate connections, which often leads her to tune into past lives. Debbie also works as a writer, journalist, broadcaster, and astrologer. She gained a diploma at the Mayo School of Astrology. She trained at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington and has worked, for over 30 years as a clairvoyant giving private readings, both face to face and over the phone. She was heard as the psychic astrologer, “Madam Debra”, on the Danny Greenstone Radio Show on BBC Three Counties Radio from 2008/9 and revived this role on Jnet Radio. She is also the author of “The Twin Soul Connection” which appeared in Soul and Spirit magazine and many other articles and is currently writing a book on soul connections. Debbie does many private face-to-face readings and just as many over the phone for her international clients and those that live too far away for her to see.

Debbie says, "The work that I do is not fortune-telling. I simply engage in telepathic communication with spirit. To the outsider it looks like I’m talking to dead air! I am a firm believer in reincarnation and the journey of the soul, hence the meeting up of soul mates, karmic soul mates and twin souls connections and I am able to read soul energy and soul connections.

Debbie, unbeknowingly “channelled” Cary Grant, for a client, who turned out to have been a very close friend of the film star. Debbie formed D&D Psychic Events with her cousin Diane in 2009. Together they appear at private parties and fayres and are available for bookings for hen nights, birthday parties and any other kind of function.