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Hi my name is Syd, fondly known as The British Guru. I am a British born Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor & Healer of Indian heritage. I am a fourth generation Psychic. Many years ago I had a vision where my deceased Grandfather (whom I'd never met in life) visited me in a dream to encourage me to follow my Spiritual & Psychic path & to confirm to me that I was born with the "Gift" and it had been passed down by him and his father's father before him. I started to question my very interesting life and came to the conclusion that all the mysterious events that led up to this stage could not be "mere coincidence" Although not sure of my Psychic abilities as yet I started doing FREE mini readings for friends & complete strangers (sometimes even on the streets!) with roaring succcess and an uncanny abilty to read with great accuracy with NO previous information! Over the past 10 years of doing readings I have proved myself to be a very popular reader renowned for my great accuracy and humble attitude with an ever growing client base all over the world.