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Australia - Victoria
Kelly Isara <kellyisara@gmail.com>

Kelly Isara, Australian & International clairvoyant Tarot reader, messenger of Angels and spiritual mentor.
I read with the intention and belief that we are the co-creators of our own journey.
Either consciously or unconciously.
Yet at any moment we can change the course of direction of our life.

Receive guidance with messages from divine source + Angels
My readings are direct, clear and efficient.
If you are ready to hear, direct guidance from spirit-then my readings are for you.
I read energetically,this means I donít need to see you or have you in person to read accurately for you.
Enjoy your reading in comfort of your own home.

Reading for satisfied clients,in Australia,UK, USA + Asia Pacific for over 13 years

See website for more information about me and my services.
Blessings and abundance to you