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Canada - Alberta - Edmonton
Paranormal Rona <paranormal.explorers@gmail.com>

We are a non-profit paranormal research couple who reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our main research takes place in Edmonton, but we are interested in paranormal events in Alberta, other parts of Canada, and the rest of the world. We operate all manner of equipment and software for detecting paranormal activity. I have mediumship skills, and can enter dwellings and detect spirit activity. I mostly deal with earthbound spirits. Very good in capturing EVP (spirit voices) phenomena.

We should be able to tell you something about the spirits in your home (who they are, physical descriptions, if they have a connection to you or your home). We will communicate with the spirits, and send them on to the light and basically clear the home.

We also have Seminars and Talks about the paranormal and coping with psychic abilities.

NOTE: We are one of the few paranormal groups in North America that do paranormal investigations and spirit rescue together.

Tel: 780-430-1238