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Vincent Craigs

Vincent Craigs, international Psychic / Medium has been working with the Spirit world since his early years. He was born in England and started his Psychic abilities at the world renowned Arthur Findley College and South England, but now gives his experiences to the people of Australia and the rest of the world. The evidence he has brought through has been heralded as astoundingly accurate by his sitters.

Vincent Craigs has a wide range of abilities including Seeing and Hearing Spirit, working with the Aura and a great ability in healing. Working with his own team of guides, he has brought through family members from the spirit world with such clarity to give valued messages to loved ones, and has repeatedly proven to his sitters that there is life after death helping a great number of people through the grieving process. His sitters have taken great comfort knowing their loved ones are still with them in spirit and participating in their everyday lives.