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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker - Pastor of the Spirituality Church of Canberra and Chaplain, Pastoral Care Unit, Canberra Hospital - is a well-known Australian-based Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in shamanic practice, vortex work, past life and interlife healing, in addition to teaching peak performance tools, such as EFT, which can clear phobias, habits and emotional blocks in minutes.

Recognised as an authority on vortex and interlife healing focusing on shamanic energies, she translates traditional shamanic practice into simple but powerful contemporary practice for both health professionals in addition to everyday folk, and is a workshop leader and speaker to professional bodies and groups around Australia, India, USA and Europe regularly.

Lucy also runs groups and classes nationally and internationally for women and men on personal and spiritual development, including shamanism and intuitive training. She travels to Europe, Africa and the USA regularly to run workshops and is never too far from email.