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Janet Mayer

My life has been defined by the experiences I have had, and although they may not be the standard or accepted by all, I have come to accept who I am. I don't attempt to be anything but what I am. I always continue to grow with, explore, and work on my abilities.

I hope you embrace who you are and express your abilities to the fullest. It isn't always easy to stand up and face who you are to others who don't understand. However if you remember you are unique and your gifts to this world count in some way, you can forge ahead to help show others who you are and what you can offer.

I am surprised in every reading by what comes through and the love I experience is profound. I hope it always stays that way to keep my abilites fresh and everchanging. We do not have to fear death, for it doesn't end all, it is just the next step in our journey. There is a whole universe that we have only tapped into in a minute way.

We will never know what exists if we do not push the envelope. I for one have had many unusal experiences, and yet wonder what else is waiting for me and look for the new challenges ahead. I'll stay open to see where I walk next and allow my journey to take me where I need to go. I am hopeful you'll explore your own path with an open mind to see where it leads as well. I wish you many blessings.