A Simple Word (poem)
By:Stephen Wakeling, Spiritual Medium

Prior to my youngest Son's Wedding I was asked to say a few words or give a short poem about marriage.

Initially, without any personal experience about poetry I checked out the web, but found nothing suitable. A few days before the wedding, thoughts and words came into my head, so I sat at the computer and within a few minutes I received these words from my spirit friends.

I hope that you enjoy the words and that you also receive words and inspiration from your spirit friends.

Yours in Light


A Simple Word

Without it you have nothing, and with it, you are the world
Hold onto it tightly, smiling bright, oh sky of heavenly light
Look for it, and it may elude you,
Discover it, and when found hold to it fast, and never let it go

You may see it, within the smile of a child
Or, in dry stained tears, on the face of the forgotten soul
It can build dreams and break an empire
Together is in oneness without, it is solace

It cannot be bought, from the purse of the greedy, or wealthy
More in the hand of the poor, for it is the builder of the universe
The light that breaks the darkness, brings hope to all, and without it we are nothing
Simplicity is its name, for when you have found it, it is known as love!

Stephen Wakeling - 21st July 2008