Medium exist...
By:Brian Hurst

Mediums exist:
1. To COMFORT those who mourn,
2. To STRENGTHEN those who are weak,
3. To GIVE KNOWLEDGE of the life to come,
4. To HEIGHTEN AWARENESS of the bio-electrical energy body, that survives death,
5. To teach PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for actions performed here on earth,
6. To increase the manifestation of LOVE TOWARDS OTHERS, regardless of race, religion or orientation,
7. To help us RESPECT ALL LIFE on the planet and to conserve and wisely use our God-given resources,
8. To UNITE HUMANITY in wisdom, tolerance and justice, so that evil, negativity, racism and violence may be cleared from our thinking,
9. To PROMOTE WELL-BEING through healing the spirit, mind and body by understanding these facts of survival,
10. To encourage personal development on a spiritual level, leading to complete FREEDOM FROM FEAR.