When the sun rises
By:Rebecca Scarf

When the sun rises and I have gone away,
please forgive me, I was unable to stay.
I tried to remain and love you more,
but I had to go through another door.
I was called away to a brand new place,
that surrounds me with love and makes me feel safe.
Everyone we have lost has held me in their arms,
so do not be afraid, do not be alarmed,
there is another world out there,
a place that we can some day share.
Just for now, I've gone on ahead,
so I cannot wipe those tears you've shed,
but I am here to help you stand strong,
for I am now where I truly belong.
Your physical life must carry on without me,
while in my spiritual one I will be here, you'll see.
For love is eternal and I learnt that here,
it's opened me up to see so very clear.
I am your love and soulmate forever,
in each life we intertwine together.
So tomorrow, when the sun rises again,
let the spark of a smile become a flame,
think of me flying high up in the sky
and let your troubles pass you by.