Pearls of Wisdom from Near-Death Experiencers, 2009 NDErs Retreat in St Louis MO
By:Near-Death Experiencers, a gathering for those who have been to the “other side”

Selected quotes. Click on the "Pears of Wisdom" page of the NDErs for more.

There are No Accidents in the Universe.

We create our own reality.

Know that whatever happens – everything will be ok.

If everyone knew what is on the other side, we would all be running to it.

There is no pain in death – that’s why we run to it.

Everything and everyone has a seed of love and light. Water it well.

We live forever and continuously grow and evolve spiritually.

Life is the blossoming forth of what you’ve always been.

It’s all a ride.

In the Light, there is no such thing as failure.

Each individual matters so much that the Light of the universe greets each and every one of us at the most important moment(s) of our existence.

Focus attention on love and allow solutions to impossible problems to appear there.

You can tell how strong you are by how much truth you can stand.

That famous death thing – it’s not what you expect.

We are all unique pieces of the Light and we are all One in the Light...that’s kind of funny, isn’t it?

Being in the Light is what “Being” is all about.

Awe, Love, Trust, Faith, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Joy, and Hope are all words to use when meeting our “True Being.”

There is beauty in the struggle.

Love energy is naturally expanding.

Love does not know fear.

It’s about spreading love energy.

To truly listen is to be aware of the silence between the words.

It is easier to live life as a warrior when connection to Source is a daily practice.

Weeding out negative thoughts allows inspiration to blossom.

Cartoon below by Mike Peters from the Cartoons page of the NDErs website