Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Telephone readings
Valerie Gayle <vgh1023@yahoo.com>

I offer unique psychic readings, including dream interpretation, visions coming into your future, spirit animal totem readings, life path, soul purpose readings, white sage smudging tips, and offer world prophecies.

Do you have specific questions? Would you like to find your soulmate? Someone who shares your ideals, beliefs and goals. Have you tried everything, but you can't find the one you click with? Maybe it's because your spiritual connection if off. Have you tried online dating?

Hello, I'm an Ordained Rev. offering my spiritual advisor services. I will connect to spirit, to guide you in: love, soulmate, career, life path and general outlook. I can also read for pets. In addition, I am here to give you direction, in your life. Many times, life can be confusing, when we are emotional. I have found there are ways of redirecting our emotions to a healthier place. So we can see a clear path and not get distracted by little things. You may have questions about your life purpose; such as, what type of business to start? whether to write a book. date a certain person. or move to a new place. Many of my clients, have these questions.

I'm experienced and honest in my approach to these questions. Come with an open mind. We are dealing with a higher plane. The answers you receive might be a bit different than what you expect, but how many times have you looked back and realized, you should have went the direction, you were guided. How many times have we not all listened to the small still voice.