Hello it has been my honour and privilege to work with spirit for many years now. I am a psychic/clairvoyant, healer, crystal therapist and counsellor. I also have a nursing background and I like to embrace all that, in what I like to call. my spiritual guidance sessions.

I work closely with the Angelic realms and I will connect with them to give you their divine insight and messages.

As a healer I am guided by the universe and my spirit helpers to allow the universal healing rays from the universe to flow through me. Distance healing is available Free and is part of my divine mission of service here on Mother Earth.

We are ALL one and interconnected on so many levels. Universal love is the key that opens our hearts and minds to ascend and embrace our spiritual pathway.
Please feel free to look at my website and see where I may be of service.

Angel Blessings in Love and Light

Tina X