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Sussex Healers' Association (SHA) - Sussex, England
Type:Association of Healers in Sussex, England

The SHA, founded in 1959, is a registered charity with its own constitution. It is interdenominational in its work of advancing spiritual healing for the common good. It provides opportunities for the public to receive spiritual healing and counselling by keeping a list of registered, approved healers who offer their services freely to those seeking help. Spiritual healing is accepted as complementary to medical treatment and in no way as an alternative. Lectures, discussion groups, workshops, training courses and seminars are held at different venues in Sussex where appropriate.

This Association, which is a registered Charity, was founded in June, 1959, and the first President was the late Mr. Harry Edwards. The formation of the Association was prompted by a desire to bring together persons of like mind who wished to serve others, and to see healing presented to the general public and the medical profession as a proper and responsible therapy which could bring relief, comfort, peace - a benefit to those in need.

The medical profession is showing an increasing awareness of and interest in healing, and certain clinical trials to evaluate healing have shown that in many cases healing has brought beneficial results, often expediting patients' recovery during and after medical treatment. The "Family Practitioners Committees of both East and West Sussex have co-operated in the provision of details of healers in their areas, and a number of notices giving such details have found space on notice boards in doctors' surgeries. There are Registered Healers who work closely alongside the medical profession with healing being provided on the premises at some doctors' surgeries in Sussex under the auspices of the patient's doctor.