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Surrey Spiritual Healers Association (SSHA) - Surrey, England
Type:Association of Spiritual Healers

The Surrey Spiritual Healers Association, a registered charity, was formed in November 1962 and currently has in excess of 500 members, 460 of whom are accredited “Full Healer” members.

These days our membership is dispersed well beyond the South London/Surrey area to all parts of the UK with some now living overseas.

All our Healers abide by the SSHA Code of Conduct approved by the BMA and the Royal College of Medicine and are subject to the disciplinary procedures that go with it.

Spiritual Healing is today an acknowledged therapy used by the NHS and by many doctors for the benefit of those patients who need additional symptom relief or are not responding to allopathic treatment. Like doctors, we are covered by insurance for Professional Indemnity and for Public Liability.