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Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches (MSSAC) - Hermon, Maine, USA
Type:Association of Spiritualist Churches

The MSSAC is a hierarchical organiztion that provides support to several churches and camps in the State of Maine that are chartered within NSAC. These Auxiliaries include:

- Augusta Spiritualist Church
- Harrison D. Barrett Spiritualist Church (Bangor)
- Portland Spiritualist Church (Westbrook)
- Temple Heights Spiritualist Church and Camp (Northport)
- Madison Spiritualist Camp Association (Madison)

Although we are affiliated with NSAC the goals are similar to other Spiritualist organizations around the world.

You will find on the site a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
- What Is A Spiritualist?
- Can a Spiritualist Accept the Teachings of Jesus?
- Is Spiritualism a Religion?
- What Is a Medium?
- What Is This Influence on the Medium?
- How Do You Know This Influence Is Exercised by Spirits?
- Then Are These Mediums "Fortune-Tellers?"
- But Do They Not Foretell the Future?
- Then of What Use Is Spiritualism, If Not to Predict the Future?
- In What Way Could That Be Possible?
- Is Spirit Communication Necessary to Bring This About?
- What Other Benefit Is Spirit Communication?
- Why Do Your Mediums Not Confine Themselves to this teaching, instead of giving the Messages we Generally Hear?
- But Why Do Mediums Accept Fees for Their Work?
- Why Was Spirit Communication Not Established Long Ago?
- Then Must We Be Highly Educated to Receive Spirit Communications Direct?
- But Some of Your Mediums Seem to Have Little Education?
- Some Manifestations Seem Childish, of What Use Are "Rappings," and the Like?
- To What 'Natural Forces' Do You Refer?
- Are You Willing to Submit to Scientific Investigation?
- Then Why Has Not Science Demonstrated Your Claims?
- Then Why Do Scientists Reject These So-Called Facts Your Claims?
- Why Do You Not Attempt to Convince The Scientific World?
- Does the Exercise of Mediumship Harm the Medium?
- Are Spirit Communications Always Correct?
- Are There Other Methods of Communication Besides Spirit Raps?
- Do You Not Often Come in Contact with Evil Spirits?
- Do You Believe in 'Good' and 'Evil' Spirits?