Organizations related to Spiritualism and Spirituality

Institute of Spiritualist Mediums - England - Ilford (Essex)
Type:Educational association of spiritual mediums

An Organisation - created in 1956 - dedicated to the Promotion, Teaching and Development of Spirit Communication.

The Institute of Spiritualist Mediums, or ISM as it is more commonly known, is intent on raising the standard of mediumship. The Institute as an educational body, offers opportunities to individuals to attend workshops, seminars, study days and residential studies.

Members who are working mediums of experience may apply for Registration as an Approved Medium (ISM/RAM) of the Institute which requires a high standard of ability, detailed knowledge of Spiritualism and Mediumship, as well as expertise on the public platform.

During the course of its history, it has become known for the high standard of its teaching and presentation, its forward-looking progressive attitude, all achieved without any paid employees at any time. All the administration is carried out by volunteer committee members, mostly in their own homes.

ISM also developed the Circle Network.