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Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association - London (Fitzrovia), England
Type:Association of Christian Spiritualist Churches

The Greater World Christian Spiritualist League (later to become the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association) was founded on the 30th May 1931. It is an organisation of the Christ Mission to the four corners of the earth.

The inspiration for this movement, which resulted in Winifred Moyes dedicating her life to the work of the Greater World, came through her guide Zodiac, who was a teacher in the temple at the time of our Lord. It was set up at the request of people who at that time were building churches for the spread of the Message of Zodiac to all corners of the world. They supported The Greater World financially so that the Zodiac Address could be reproduced weekly and read in the churches. In 1936 there were 86,000 members worldwide. The Greater World is a vehicle through which the Christ Mission is spread far and wide.

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