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Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, Inc. - Philippines
Type:Spiritual (Religious) Organization, Philippines


1. To attain commonality of understanding among officers and members in wisdom, love and faith in GOD within the doctrines and principles of (Union) Spiritism.
2. To sustain faithful and spiritually matured members.
3. To implement the Organization's spiritual programs and fulfill the Union's vision to support its projects.
4. To develop leaders capable of delivering the necessary services.
5. To sustain support to UECFI through program participation and financial contributions.
6. To effectively propagate the teachings of the HOLY SPIRIT and the Spirit-Messengers of GOD.

An Affiliate to the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF).

Note from Spiritual Resources's Webmaster: See the very interesting History of Filipino Spiritism - Excerpt: The Philippine Islands were a colony of Spain for nearly 400 years. During the colonial period, Catholicism ruled the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual lives of the Filipinos. Toward the end of the colonial period, Spiritists were caught between very powerful forces. The Catholic Church openly attacked Spiritism and in 1856, Pope Pius IX prohibited and declared mediumship as “heretical and scandalous to the honesty of customs.” [...] Filipinos saw, in Kardec’s teachings, an eloquent articulation of their own deeply held indigenous (original) beliefs about the spiritual realm of existence. For centuries, the Filipinos had suffered the indignity of having their native beliefs and spiritual practices declared as superstitions stemming from ignorance and/ or considered as hearsay. In Kardec, they found vindication (justification) for the superhuman efforts they had gone through to preserve their culture...