Organizations related to Spiritualism and Spirituality

Center for Spiritual Understanding - USA - Illinois - Normal
Type:Research and Training in After-Death Communication

Not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people understand that:
- We are spiritual beings having a physical experience
- Death is merely a transition into the next stage of our eternal lives
- Our primary mission in life is to grow spiritually and help others grow spiritually

Activities include:
- Research: Methods of After-Death Communication, Means of Enhancing After-Death Communication, Working with Teams on the Next Plane of Life, Studies of Guided Afterlife Connections
- Encouraging Afterlife Dialogues
- Training: Training Guided Afterlife Connections Psychotherapists, Cultivating New Mediums
- Spiritual Growth Groups
- Support and Fellowship Groups: Support for People Who Have Had Afterlife Experiences, Fellowship for Sensitives and Mediums
- Library of Books and DVDs: Books about the Afterlife and Spirituality, DVDs
- After-Death Communication: Guided Afterlife Connections, Mental Mediumship, Physical Mediumship Circles, Group Guided After-Death Communication, Self-Guided Afterlife Connections, Trance Mediumship, Psychomanteums (mirrored rooms used to communicate with spirits), Hemi-Sync (audio patterns containing binaural beats), Automatic Writing, Other After-Death Communication Methods