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Kent International Healing Association (KIHA), Kent UK
Type:Association of Healers

Was founded in 1947/48. It came about because some churches, who were interested in Healing, wished to form an association for the promotion of Healing. It was Harry Edwards’ demonstrations at that time which prompted this move to form our own County Association. In 1954, Harry Edwards met the Chairs of the Kent Healers and Essex Healers to discuss the formation of a National Healing Association.

Over the past few years we have become International, bringing people from around the world together who share the same interest in the wellbeing and quality of life for others. Our aim is to bring together people who wish to help those in need of pain relief, hardship and despair. No matter what walk of life you come from, join our association, meet new friends from County to County and across the World and play a part in an association that cares for others.

The Activities of the Association:

    To provide members of the public with energy healing.
    Improve the standard of energy healing given to the public.
    Promoting research into methods and effects of energy healing.
    Promoting energy healing and training centres.
    Providing low cost insurance to our members.
    Accepting donations for the interests of the Association.
    Disseminating information and opinions by means of printing, publishing, advertising or otherwise.