Organizations related to Spiritualism and Spirituality

Spiritualist's National Union Northern District Council
Type:District Council of the SNU

"The objects of the district council shall be to further the objects of the Spiritualists' National Union within its area and in particular to promote the advancement and diffusion of the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism on the basis of the recognition of the Seven Principles. The district council is the local administrative branch of the Union and performs such duties as may from time to time be delegated by the National Executive Committee."

Services include:
- Healing Review
- Education Courses
- Lyceum
- Appointment of Officiants
- Seminars/Workshops including:

    How to Chair a Church Service
    How to run a Circle
    How to Chair Committee Meetings/General meetings
    How to understand and use the Church Rule Book
    How to run a Beginners Class
    How to run an Awareness Class
    How to run a Development Class
    How to run a Philosophy Class
    How to run a Healing Service/Session