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Suffolk Healers Association - England, East Anglia and throughout the UK
Type:Association of Healers

"Object: To relieve sickness in the county of Suffolk and areas adjoining thereto by the use of Spiritual Healing, and to advance the education of the public in all aspects of spiritual healing.

"Our Distant Healing Network (Circles of Light) was formed to help people diagnosed with life-threatening problems. The basic idea is that a network, or circle, of healers sends healing to those in need."

Healer Training: Foundation Course includes:
- The History of Healing
- Subtle Energies (Healing Energy, Auras and Chakras)
- Relaxation, Breathing, Visualisation and Meditation
- The Healing Session
- Healing Professionally
- Listening Skills, Loss and Bereavement
- Basic Anatomy and Physiology