Spiritual Newsletters

Stories about our Wildlife Sanctuary and Retreat Center
By:Earthfire Institute

Earthfire Institute is a place to experience the profound connection between all life. Our 40-acre wildlife sanctuary, nestled in the Yellowstone - to - Yukon Wildlife Corridor, is a loving home to wild animals that can never be released into the wild, and a refuge for reflecting in their company on how to create a truly sustainable world.

Earthfire Institute hosts customized retreats with the goal of supporting paradigm shifts in how we relate to nature for the 21st century and beyond. In the presence of our animals and surrounding wilderness you will have an opportunity for contemplation and rich dialogue leading to deeper self-awareness and environmental and social action. In addition to your retreat outcomes, your insights will contribute to a growing library of knowledge maintained by the Institute, of how to live sustainably on the earth.

Our Newsletters are packed with stories about our animals, programs and retreats, conservation issues, latest Earthfire news and more.