Meditating at Work

Stress is an occupational hazard present in every career. Regardless of whether you love or hate your job, you are bound to encounter periods of stress. While stress is sometimes a motivator, prolonged exposure to extreme stress becomes unhealthy. If you feel that stress is taking over your life at work, try a few basic meditation techniques while at the office to get you through the day. Read on to learn more.

Start with mindful breathing. Natural Breath is a Yogic form of Pranayma. Take full breathes by drawing air in until your stomach is fully extended. Bring your navel inward when you exhale. The benefits of mindful breathing are stable blood pressure and increased oxygen flow to the brain which results in more alert, rational brain activity.

Practice mindful meditation. Mindful meditation is simply focusing intently on the task at hand. This type of meditation is not recommended for jobs that require quick decision making skills or the use of power tools. However, it is beneficial in daily, routine tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning. The purpose is to focus intently on what you are doing. Think "I will now wash this glass," "I am washing this glass," "I will now dry this glass" as you do each action. If your thoughts wander, do not suppress them. With practice, wandering thoughts subside.

Attempt to meditate without using words. Rather than talking through actions in your head, visualize each step before doing it. Let your focus expand to include all of the sensations your body is experiencing as you perform your tasks at work.

Inquire if your organization has a Meditation at Work program. Many employers are versed in the benefits of meditation and Yoga in the workplace. Some offer programs for their employees to take advantage of. These programs may include a discount at a local gym, in-office yoga classes, breaks for employees to take time for themselves or even dimly-lit rooms for employees to escape work and meditate for a few minutes.

Join a meditation, Tai Chi or Yoga class offered by your local community center or gym. Once enrolled, you will learn how to alter traditional meditations, breathing exercises and positions to fit your work routine and environment.