Meditation in the Workplace
By:James Withers

Like breathing, daily meditation is not something that you must have absolute silence in order to do. Your ability to meditate comes from inside of your heart. Thus, meditation does not require you to follow a list of complicated regulations in order to achieve a degree of personal improvement. Furthermore, you do not need to be at home to practice daily meditation. You can also learn to meditate in the workplace if you follow these simple steps.

Get Ready to Meditate

Prize productivity. A common misconception regarding meditation is that it must be conducted in somber stillness. While a calm spirit is useful when you are undertaking daily meditation, you can still maintain the composure of your spirit even within the midst of physical activity. In the workplace, productivity is a virtue. Similarly, productivity in your meditation is essential to your personal improvement.

Gain a humble attitude. Meditation is meaningless if it is done with an arrogant attitude. In the workplace, arrogance will only get you so far. If you are beleaguered by the dog-eat-dog atmosphere of your job, daily meditation is a godsend. By focusing on your personal improvement, you can inject a note of sanity into your career.

Get into a zone where you can focus. Some people have a closet for their daily meditation. However, in the workplace, a closet is not what you should be looking for. Meditation can help you at work, but your focus should be on the job at hand. In order to get the most out of your daily mediation, you should get in to a frame of thinking where you are able to manage stress in a healthy way. If you apply these principles of personal improvement, you can easily manage stress even as you function at the top of your game.

During Meditation

Begin by relaxing. Stress in the workplace can cripple your spiritual well-being. However, when you learn how to manage stress with the help of daily meditation, you can begin to make great strides in personal improvement. People who obsess over petty trivia will always be too distracted to benefit much from meditation. For this reason, avoid gossip, griping and grief in general.

Clear your mind. Daily meditation does not require advanced thinking skills. Rather, it requires you to release control and to see things from a creative perspective. You benefit more when you put your heart into it. In the workplace you will have a lot on your mind. However, don't clutter your mind more by letting aimless thoughts float around in it. We tend to get emotionally attached to our aimless thoughts, and if we clear our minds with daily meditation we'll find that our thinking will become much more focused and beneficial in value.

Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself and of others is a key feature of daily meditation. While there will always be reasons to hold grudges in the workplace, it helps to build better relationships with others and it serves to increase your opportunities. In reality, personal improvement is not something you can accomplish alone. You need the help of others in order to grow in your life and your career.