Psychic Meditation Techniques
By:Lauren Vork

Developing your psychic abilities can be learned through many techniques. One of the most popular of these is the development of extra-sensory perception through focused meditation. Though this discipline is a path that requires regular practice and focused devotion, it is possible to open one's mind to psychic thoughts and perceptions.

What To Expect
Before beginning the process of learning and practicing psychic meditation, it's important to know what you can expect. The potential existence of psychic phenomenon is a matter of heavy debate, and of course, this would not be the case if it was widely possible for people to learn to be totally and reliably all-seeing. It's up to you to decide how much psychic knowledge you think it is possible for a person to have, but bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will be able to do things like predict winning lottery numbers.

It is also up to you to determine what kinds of psychic knowledge you want to develop or think you may personally have a talent for as you begin to meditate. While some people may be interested in predicting the future, others will look to develop a sense of hidden knowledge of the present. Still others will look to develop empathy (sensing the emotions of others), telepathy (sensing thoughts) or the ability to sense ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon.

Meditation Basics
Before you begin to develop your extra-sensory perception, it's important to be experienced in the practice of basic meditation, taking care to orient your practice to the development of mental and spiritual openness. Set aside some time every day to meditate in a quiet place and try hard to stick to your schedule: for the development of psychic skills, it's especially important to be able to build upon your successes from day to day, as each day's meditation will make you more open.

As you meditate, try to imagine how it might feel to be open and aware of your surroundings, even with your eyes closed and your environment a quiet one. At first, don't try to grasp at knowledge but let impressions reach you as they will. Ask your subconscious to start becoming aware, but don't demand. Also, work to distance yourself from your emotions as much as possible; it is easier to discover hidden truths when you are not close to your own desires and fears about what those truths may be.

Developing Perception
Ultimately, you cannot force psychic awareness to happen, but if you can train your mind to be calm, patient and observant, you will make it possible for perceptions to come to you. The art of psychic knowledge lies not in creating psychic senses, but in learning to identify and strengthen them when they present themselves. Meditating is a useful tool for this end because internal mental exploration will give you an opportunity to become more aware of what's going on in your mind.

Psychic knowledge will most likely present itself to you in the form of certain thoughts and perceptions about the state of the world, future or people around you. These impressions will occur to you, seemingly without cause, as you meditate. Initially, you may mistake these observations for mere imagination or confuse them with thoughts that really are imagined, but the more you learn to be aware of your mind, the more you will realize that psychic impressions feel different. The main difference in this feeling is that these thoughts will seem to drift into your head from outside, whereas you can learn to feel the process of your mind creating imaginative thoughts.

The ultimate test of psychic knowledge, of course, is verifying its accuracy. In the case of premonitions, this is as simple as waiting to see what happens. With telepathy and empathy, you can talk to the people involved (when it is appropriate) to see what they are feeling and what's on their minds. Testing your sense of psychic energy or spirits is a little trickier, but you can get some impression of your accuracy by asking the opinion of others who are psychically inclined. Be sure to ask for their impressions before volunteering any of your own, as this is the best way to judge a true match.