Ascension Meditation Technique
By:Lynette Hingle

The Ascension meditation technique is based upon the Ishaya translation for ascension, which is "to rise beyond the limitations of the mind." The Ascension meditation technique practitioners believe they will experience permanent union with their higher selves as well as with their Divine Source.

R. Vaughn Abrams founded and spread the Ascension meditation technique in the West after he studied the techniques of the Ishaya monks in India.

The Ascension meditation technique was developed as a tool to elevate practitioners above their own limiting beliefs so they will eventually achieve a better life experience.

The benefits of the Ascension meditation technique include profound peace and joy, successful eradication of stress and vibrant energy, focus and mental clarity.

The Ascension meditation technique includes the disciplines of silent, engaging meditations as well as the incorporation of energy circuit exercises such as tai chi and yoga.

Practitioners of the Ascension meditation technique believe that its practice is greatly beneficial for physical health because it stabilizes the body's metabolism, which in turn allows the processes of natural healing to occur.