*AUDIO Meditation: Healing Journey
By:Glenda McLeod

Note - Meditations are meant to help induce relaxation:
Please do not listen to this or any meditation while doing
something that requires your full attention (like driving).

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My name is Glenda McLeod.
And I invite you on this healing meditation journey.

Become very relaxed in your chair.
Put your feet on the floor and your hands gently in your lap.
Close your eyes.
And take a deep, deep breath in.
Expanding your abdominal area and your rib cage.
Bringing in light, bringing in love.

Whoosh out all stressors,
all your woes,
and all your cares
that you don't want to take on this healing journey just now.

And with every breath in and with every breath out,
relax deeper and deeper.
As you feel the relaxation
start from the very top of your head,
flowing down, down, down to the very tips of your toes,
allow your body that rest.

Invite those that work with you in this way
from the Spirit World to draw closer now:
Your guides, your angels and your loved ones.
And feel their energy as they draw ever closer to you.

Imagine above you a beautiful sphere of white light,
growing in its beauty and intensity.
As it cracks very gently and a waterfalls,
a misty light containing all the beautiful colors of the universe
starts flowing around and through you,
as if you were invisible.
Down, down through your crown.
Your head.
Your neck.
And your shoulders.
Down to your heart.
And your solar plexus.
Your abdominal area.
And your pelvis.
Down around your knees.
And your calves.
And your feet.
Down into nurturing Mother Earth.
As it takes with it any residues of negativity within your aura
to be cleansed and renewed.

And as you fill with this beautiful light,
with every breath in and every breath out,
you are becoming more and more your true self.
Your Spirit Self.

Allow that light to grow and expand.
And cocoon you with its love and healing.
And ask now for your needs:
Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual.

You are the beloved child of the Creator of the Universe.
Asků for the highest and best.
And feel that infusion of energy flowing to those areas now.

And with every breath in and with every breath out,
expand that light.
Expand it further and further
until the very room that you are in
is engulfed in love and healing.

Feel it seeping into the streets.
See it flowing into our towns and villages.
Into our countries.
And around our Earth.

And gently feel yourself float higher, and higher, and higher.
Until you see the Earth as a tiny sphere in front of you.
And join and hold hand to hand with those that work
with us in the Spirit World as we encircle our Earth.

And beam down this love and healing energy
till it penetrates our atmosphere.
Flowing down to our waters and our plant life.
Our animals.
Until it flows into the hearts of men.
As it touches every child.
Those that have been abandoned.
Those that are hurting and lost.

May it flow into the hearts of those who are addicted,
have mental illnesses,
have thought they had been forgotten.
Till their light is but a little amber within their spirit.
That we may fan that amber,
so they may know who they are.
So they may feel this love.

May this energy penetrate into the hearts
of the leaders of our countries.
That their ego and greed may fall and dissipate.
That they may rule their country
so that all men have dignity,
and all men have their basic needs met.
Allowing the end of wars.
Allowing the beginnings of peace for all man.

We know that what we do in consciousness
on one side of the world,
affects the other side of the world
We know we are Spirit and we are one humanity.

See those in your heart - your loved ones who need healing
and could benefit from this energy - enfolded in this beautiful light.
See them happy.
See them healthy.
See them whole.

We know we are making this difference
as we use these frequencies
to send around our Earth.

And as you gently, gently float back into the place
where you began your journey,
affirm onto yourself:
I am healthy.
I am whole.
I have balance and harmony within my being.
I allow the abundance of love, wisdom and light
to flow from that divine light into my being now.

I am love.

And with a deep breath,
as we plant our feet firmly on the earth plane
where our journey and our work truly need to continue,
we align our personality with our soul.
And allow that channel of consciousness to continue flowing.
That we may take this light into all our daily duties,
as we expand the consciousness of our Earth.

Be love.
Open your eyes.

And thank you for joining on this journey today.