How to Do a Shamanic Journey

Journey work is the healing medicine of shamanism.During a shamanic journey you "work" on the spiritual and energetic realms to solve problems, get guidance and heal energetic imbalances. You will enter a conscious dream state, where you will "travel" to a sacred place and communicate with your higher self, as well as your spirit guides and helpers.Great personal healing can take place during your travels. Follow the steps below to go on a shamanic journey.

Play your shamanic drumming or rattling music. It can also be a combination of both.

Lie down on the floor on your back, and make yourself as comfortable as possible. You can lie on a bed, too. Use a pillow. It's possible your body temperature might drop slightly during the journey. This is OK, just make sure you have a blanket to cover yourself with.Close your eyes and tune into the music. Allow the sound to carry you inward. Relax. If you are having trouble relaxing, take some deep breaths.

Begin to visualize a sacred place in your mind's eye. This could be a beach or forest you've visited before, a fantasy garden, or anywhere you feel safe. It does not have to be somewhere you have physically been before. Tap into your fantasy realm and be creative!

Ask silently to go to your sacred place. Then, just wait. Notice what feelings, sensations and thoughts you experience. Keep your eyes closed and your focus inward. As you journey, you might see your sacred place in your mind's eye, or just feel that you are there. If you are in darkness, keep holding your intention to be at your sacred place. If you are having difficulty getting to your sacred place, ask for help. Maybe a door will appear, or you'll find yourself greeted by an animal or spirit guide who will take you there.

Once in your sacred place, ask if there are any spirit guides or helpers present. See who shows up! There might be animals who come into your inner vision. You might also sense that your higher self or over soul is present and available to you.Ask questions so that your helpers and higher self can help solve problems. Ask for guidance. You could be surprised at what answers you receive!

Take note of any symbols, colors or numbers might show up. Also, pay attention to what your spirit guides are saying to you. Continue on your journey.

Near the end of the music track, the drumming will become rapid. This is your signal to begin completing your journey. Be sure to thank and say goodbye to your spirit guides and helpers. Your garden or sacred place might slowly dissolve, or you might feel like you are flying away from it. As your consciousness returns to the physical realm, be gentle with yourself. Don't get up right away. Stay reclined.

Write down in your journal what you saw, heard, sensed, etc. Writing the experience will help you integrate it, as well as uncover any answers that you may be seeking.Welcome back!