How to Meditate in The Morning and Jump Start Your Day
By:James Holloway

Starting the day with a short period of meditation is a great way to reduce stress, enhance concentration and face responsibilities with a calm, uncluttered mind. You don't need any special equipment or facilities to meditate, but it helps to set up a system to make meditation easier for you. A few simple changes to your routine in the morning can help you meditate and start the day with improved clarity and confidence.

Wake up earlier. You'll need to allow yourself an extra 20 minutes or so. Because meditation is about relaxing the mind and body, it doesn't work well if you're rushed.

Select a space to meditate. This can be part of your yard or a corner of your home. Make sure it is clean and quiet. Keep a cushion or chair there if it will help you be more comfortable. Some people find that the ritual of lighting candles and incense helps them meditate, but they are not necessary.

Bathe, shower or wash before meditating. Going through your morning cleaning routine, or even a small part of it, will help wake you up for your meditation.

Sit or kneel in your meditation area. You don't have to assume a lotus position; just sit comfortably with your back straight and your body at rest.

Close or partially close your eyes, and focus your mind on your breathing. Breathe naturally through your nose. Empty your mind of all distractions and simply breathe. If you find yourself thinking about the day ahead or your worries, return your attention to your breathing.

Use a clock to time your meditation. You shouldn't be thinking about time while you meditate, so set a quiet alarm to alert you when it's time to get ready to leave. After a while, you'll find that this becomes less necessary.