How to Meditate on AUM
By:Alyson Paige

Hindus and Buddhists chant the sacred AUM, the vibrations of the Universe. Instructions for chanting AUM date back to the most ancient Hindu sacred texts. Shiva, Brahman, Vishnu, Sri Krishna and Sri Rama all meditated on AUM. AUM is the sound of creation and the sound of the Universe.

Sit in comfort and without distractions. As you prepare to begin, recall that AUM is a single syllable, with three distinct sounds. The vibrations of AUM are sacred and transforming.

Pronounce "AH" as in "father." Let the "AH" settle deeply into the mind, the body and all consciousness. Extend the sound until you move into the second sound .The "A" in AUM, which represents Rigveda (ancient Hindu sacred text), water, earth, Rajas (the passion inherent in energy), Brahma the Creator, and Creation/the past. "A" is normal waking consciousness in which subject and object are distinct.

Vocalize "U," as in "who." There is no silence between the "A" and the "U." "U" represents Yajurveda (ancient Vedic text), space, air, Sattva, Vishnu the Preserver, and Preservation/the present time. Subject and object unite in consciousness.

Pronounce "M." Transition smoothly from "U." Pronounce "M" by gently placing your tongue against the top of your teeth, lips barely parted. "M" is Samaveda (Vedic text), fire, Tamas (inertia), Mahesha (Shiva) the Destroyer, and Destruction/the future. This is dreamless sleep and pure consciousness.

Repeat 50 times.