How to Meditate for Stress Relief

Meditation helps to relieve stress that impacts many people's day to day lives. Stress can contribute to weight gain, body aches and general poor health. Making stress relief a regular practice will help to rejuvenate the body and aid in overall health.

Before meditating, dress in comfortable clothes and do some simple stretches to relax the body. Sit in a comfortable position and use good, but comfortable posture. Let the arms fall to either side of the body. You may upturn the palms if it feels comfortable. There are no concrete rights or wrongs when it comes to meditation. It is important, however, for you to feel comfortable and be able to breathe easily when meditating.

To meditate, one must remove all thoughts from the mind. Though this sounds easy, clearing the mind of all sounds, thoughts and visions is incredibly challenging. To start, close your eyes and try to start slowing the frequency of your thoughts. To help you meditate, you might imagine a flowing river and place each new thought in that river to float away. Continue to still the mind until few, if any, thoughts cross your mind. The goal is to just be.

Breathing is also important when meditating. Take comfortable deep breaths. Don't make the goal to take the deepest breath possible. Remember that everything should feel comfortable and natural. Slow regular breaths will help to calm the body and refresh the mind.

After about 10 minutes of meditation, open your eyes, stretch out your limbs and slowly rise. Take some deep breaths and then you are done. Meditate in this way every day and you should notice a better ability to manage daily stress. Good Luck and Namaste!