*MEDITATION: How to Communicate With Your Animal Spirit Guide
By:Naomi Vogel

Animal spirit guides, otherwise called animal totems, are a belief that primarily originates from but is not limited to Native American spirituality. It is believed by Native Americans and other spiritualists that animals possess spirits along with everything in nature (See References 1 and 2). Takatoka of Manataka American Indian Council said, "It is said that man once spoke with the animals; however, man lost this ability and other powers when he placed himself above the animals as master of the earth having dominion over all things," (See References 1). Those who believe in spirit guides believe any animal can be a spirit guide. If you believe in spirit guides or are interested, there are ways that you can learn to communicate with yours.

Talking to an Animal Spirit Guide for the First Time

Pray and ask whatever god or deity you believe in to find you a spirit guide.

Find a quiet place to sit by yourself
Sit in a quiet place by yourself. This can be indoors or outdoors, wherever you feel most comfortable.

White sage
Draw a circle in the ground around you. This circle can be imaginary. Bless the circle, air and environment by burning white sage. Extinguish the flames.

Close your eyes
Close your eyes, and get comfortable.

Breathing deep and slow is an important step in meditation
Inhale and exhale slowly. Continue to take deep breaths. Allow your body and mind to relax. Let go of all emotional barriers such as fear and ego,

Being able to envision places and senses are a part of guided meditations
Feel the earth's energy. Imagine it as a cocoon surrounding you. Then imagine a door in front of you, and open it. Imagine a world, or somewhere in nature, such as a forest, stream, grove or whatever you envision first off. Take some time to walk around in this world and admire the environment.

You will envision your animal spirit guide
Eventually in this vision you will come across an animal. This is your spirit guide. Talk to the animal. Ask for its name, and what you need to know. Let your intuition do the listening. When you are done talking to your animal spirit guide, thank her, and ask if she will talk with you more in the future.

Breathe deeply before opening your eyes
Imagine the door coming into view. Walk slowly towards the door, open it, breathe deeply and open your eyes.

Continuing to Communicate

Libraries and the Internet are good ways to research your animal spirit guide
Study and research information about your animal spirit guide. Learn about the habitat it is found in, what its behavior is, what it eats and anything else you can learn. Since animal spirit guides communicate in ways other than direct speech, just being aware of their presence can benefit you and be a form of communication.

Wear jewelry of your animal spirit guide
Wear jewelry, clothing, and accessories that illustrate your animal spirit guide. You can buy pieces of jewelry that are specifically designed to be animal totems at new age stores and many other places.

Decorate your house of images of your animal spirit guide
Decorate your home with pictures and figurines of your animal spirit guide.

Observe your animal spirit guide if possible
Go to your animal spirit guide's habitat if possible and observe it in nature. Try and pay attention to his body language and what he is trying to tell you. If this is not possible you can visit your animal spirit guide in a zoo or sanctuary.

Repeat the meditation anytime you want direct communication with your animal spirit guide .