Easy Meditation Tips
By:Barbara Lockhart

Stressed? In pain? Overwhelmed? Or just unhappy? Do you have high blood pressure? Meditation could be the solution to your situation!

Meditation teaches you to quiet your mind and tune out to the demands of daily life and worries. It's easy to do and very relaxing. I have worked with many people over 25 years and many don't know what relaxation is! Lots of people close their eyes, and it's as if their minds are still chattering away, but they just have their eyes shut!

15 minutes per day could be all that you need to be calmer and in less pain. You will just need to be persistent and consistent. A lot of health problems can be alleviated by meditating as well. Headaches can be the result of not enough water, but also too much overwhelm. Aches and pains in general can result from not taking time out and all our muscles respond by tightening up! It really IS that simple!

To meditate:- Try sitting quietly, closing your eyes and focusing on just one word that you can repeat over and over to yourself, like 'Love'. If this seems too 'out there' for you, and you can't imagine yourself somewhere peaceful because your life really is too hectic; then try simply sitting calmly and peacefully and still for a few minutes each day. Or try focusing on one single object and block everything else out. You start to notice things in your periphery when you do this and it is very calming. Keep staring and just let all your cares fade into the background...

You may have trouble quietening your mind. The Stillness and the Silence are what you are trying to achieve. Meditation is about connecting with the 'space between thoughts'. So, if thoughts enter your mind as you sit calmly, then just acknowledge them, and try to release them. If you still have difficulty, then like the lovers in the park; just find a beautiful tree, put your back against the strong trunk, lean back and close your eyes; letting the warmth of the sun and the light breeze gently wash away your stresses and cares. Then, breathe deeply into your lungs and relax...

The more you practice simply taking time out, the more wellness and wellbeing you will experience. Your blood pressure will drop. Your depression will lift. You will find yourself able to cope much better with whatever life happens to throw at you and you will find yourself smiling more each day!

My granddaughter has a saying, "A day without laughter is a day wasted!" I believe she is right! Do you know that children laugh and smile 100 times more than we do as adults? Perhaps it's time we remembered to 'act like children'when it comes to our inner relaxed and happy selves! After all, life is full of responsibilities, cares and worries, but it is also about the people in our lives, including us! Aren't we important too?

Meditation on a daily basis is one of the absolute easiest ways to breathe easier too!

MRI scans have shown that brain activity changes significantly during meditation (or 'time outs!') Our brains whilst sitting quietly, produce 'alpha waves'; which are known to relax the nervous system. THIS is what brings about pain reduction. Meditating has been found to be as good as, or better, at preventing depression, or relapses into serious depression as medication does! AND there are no drugs! It's as if we have an inbuilt system that can take care of us if we are more aware and we apply this knowledge. It may be difficult for all of us high flyers to just sit and 'switch off for a while, but the medical and health benefits are well known and profound.

Learn to meditate. Learn to appreciate your body for its ability to heal itself just by taking some time out even for a few minutes per day. Learn to ponder, reflect and muse! I promise you, and others around you, will notice changes! Start today.


Barbara has been a highly respected practitioner in the natural health field for over 23 years.
Barbara uses Homoeopathy, Iridology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Feng Shui, Colour Therapy and Touch for Health. Lifewave Patch Technology, The Liquid Crystals and Native American Energy Healing.
Barbara is a Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Seichim.
She is a Mentor, Spiritual Coach, and Motivational Speaker.

'I have always lived my life as a seeker of Light and Love. As a Spirit Consciousness Facilitator, I have helped many.I have a lifetime of passion for the esoteric, the deep expansive love of Spirit, and the overwhelming knowing of Soul.
Working with people as a active facilitator and participant on their journey to health and wellness and being of assistance to them in their Spiritual awakening is both an Honour and a Priviledge... Thank You.'

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