Great Meditation Tips for Everyone
By:Penelope Diaz

Whether you are new to meditation or have years of practice behind you, at some point you will be curious about the many different ways that can be used to improve and enhance what you are doing. Maybe you have looked into different visual aids, props and audio aids and now you want more information about other enhancements.

There are many different ways to enhance the quality of the time that you spend meditating as well as the results that you get out of your practice. By far one of the best ways is by using a meditation audio.

Meditation audio come in many different varieties. There are audio that use the sounds of nature, such as beach sounds, wind audio, waves and waterfalls, as well as sounds of animals like birds. The purpose of these types of meditation audio is usually to increase the relaxation and sense of peace during your meditation. Using this type of aid can give you an entirely different meditation experience.

You will notice that many of the audio in this category include the sound of water. The relaxing effects of water are no wonder, since the human body itself is mostly water and humans seem to be instinctively drawn to water. That why beaches, islands and lakes are all such hot spots for vacation spots.

Another popular type of meditation audio is the music category. Most people usually assume that this group contains mostly classical music, however that is not the case. Classical music is a great choice if the purpose of your meditation is to relax. However, there are dozens of other types of music audio available, such as native African music, Celtic rhythms and many other varieties.

If you are up for a more interesting experience, you should look into a recording of Nepalese music, or perhaps a recording of a balalaika, a three stringed folk instrument from the Ukraine. The uniqueness of a different type of music leads to a very interesting meditation experience.

The third most common type of meditation audio is the type that plays mantras, or chants. Again, the language, pace and tonalities of the mantra can have a huge impact on your meditation session.

Please remember, the most common mistake that many people make when meditating is attempting to control the experience. The above recommendations are not made with the intent of controlling you meditation, but merely leading it into a new direction, giving you the opportunity to create your own unique experience. Also, be cautious of adding too many types of variety to your practice as this can have the opposite effect and even cause stress to your meditation sessions.

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