*MEDITATION: How to Connect With a Native American Power Animal

Totem animals or power animals are similar to spirit guides and everyone has at least one, whether they perceive them or not. A power animal provides you with emotional and energetic support and brings you wisdom. Native Americans believe that disconnection with a spirit guide can make a person weak, accident-prone, emotional or sick. Journeying to connect with your power animal can help you bring greater sense of balance and harmony in your life. Read on to learn more.

Find your power animal right in front of you. If you had an invisible or "imaginary" animal friend as a child or have always had a weak place in your heart for a specific animal, you may already have a connection with your power animal. It is possible to have more than one power animal that is attracted to you during certain emotional charged or difficult times in our lives, when we need guidance and protection. Remember too, that a power animal can be a "mythical" creature such as a unicorn, Pegasus or Pan.

Ask your power animal to come to you. The idea that you want to connect with them should be present in your conscious mind as much as possible, and soon you may begin to notice a particular animal more often, you may have a dream or vision of an animal, or it may just pop into your mind one day during meditation. Remember that you can have more than one power animal, so don't disregard an animal just because another also feels special.

Watch for strange coincidences. If someone sends you a birthday card with a butterfly on it and the same day you see a butterfly documentary on TV, your power animal may be trying to connect with you. Power animals will connect with your in subtle yet numerous ways, so be aware and watching.

Begin to research and explore the characteristics of your power animal once it becomes clear to you. Concentrate on how you feel when you think about or look at an image of the animal to discover what animal means to you. The animal may have characteristics that you should strive for, such as strength and independence, or may reveal characteristics you should overcome, such as violence or fear.

Connect with your power animals by sharing the activities they like to do. Literally "exercise" your power animal and increase its strength by swimming, climbing trees or wandering through a forest, depending on the traits of your animal. Imagine yourself as the animal to become closer to it.