*MEDITATION: Third Eye Meditations
By:Benjamin Langley

I am teaching you how to see as opposed to merely looking, and stopping the world is the first step to seeing. -Don Juan Matus (as quoted by Carlos Castaneda)

In the Carlos Castaneda books, the term "Seeing" is used for the deeper insight that Mystics have as opposed to the mundane "looking" that most of us do.

And Real Insight is available, but before you can achieve it, you have to recognize and accept the fallibility of your perception.

Perception implies a way of looking at something... just one person's point of view. There is nothing wrong with you or others having a given perspective on anything (in fact it is very challenging not to)... but if you cling to your own too tightly, or resist contrary opinions too strongly, it will prevent you from going beyond perception... and only by transcending perspective and opinion can real Truth be revealed.

Truth reveals itself once all blocks to its realization have been removed.

This is the True opening of the third eye. Real discernment of people, events, attitudes, and emotions. This is the Real ability to see through lies with little concern for the fact that someone wasn't being honest.

Three Steps to Opening the Third Eye!

1 - Deep Relaxation: To even gain a basic level or clarity, you have learn how to deeply relax. Most people think they are already relaxed. They are wrong. This isn't a skill that most people are taught. It isn't difficult to learn, but before you can begin to learn it you have to recognize that you have something to learn. Deep breathing combined with simple awareness is an excellent method of learning relaxation. Practice noticing tension in your body and letting it go. Once you are comfortable doing this in a relaxing environment, begin practicing it while standing... and then while walking.

2 - Radical Self Honesty: Most people have ingrained the habit of lying to themselves so deeply, that there is little hope of ever letting it go. If you are still reading after that last sentence, I do have some good news for you: you are probably one of the few who is capable of learning self honesty. Here is where to start. When you are by yourself with little chance of being disturbed, state out loud: "I have chosen everything in my life. I continue to choose everything in my life. Moving forward, I will do so consciously." As you move forward in your life, do your best to live this intent.

3 - Radical Forgiveness: In spite of our tendency for deception, we are all really doing the best we know how to do. This includes you. To gain insight, you have to surrender old habits... but there is no reason to condemn yourself or others for having them. As you let go of your addiction to being right, forgive yourself for having it, and forgive others for having it as well... even those that seem to really enjoy shoving their assumption of correctness in your face. Let go. Forgive.

These three steps are actually all meditations in and of themselves. You can spend many years investigating the self (and life) with any one of these... and you can get a lot out of just committing to start. Set your intent to live the three third eye meditations listed above, and you will begin to open yourself to insights.

Stick with this for a little while, and you will notice 2 things:

You have become very happy and healthy.
You will start recognizing something beyond opinion arising from time to time... this is sometimes referred to as Insight (when this happens, do your best to enjoy it without clinging to it). This doesn't mean you are done, it just means you are doing good. Keep going.
Here is one insight that may help you on your path: Real Truth is radically subjective. It can't be spoken... it can only be experienced (although it can be spoken about).

Taoists have a saying that Bruce Lee summarized in the movie, Enter The Dragon:

"It is like a finger pointing to the moon... don't focus on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory!"

As you begin to allow your third eye to open, you too can become that finger pointing to the moon. Perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and ideas (and even the words in this article) can all potentially point at Real Truth... but you have to be willing to look beyond them in order to gain real Insight.

Seeing the spiritual context beyond all mundane content is the ultimate Third Eye Meditation!

Godspeed on your journey!

Benjamin Langley has been studying meditation, self-hypnosis, the Silva Method, energy work, and other methods of healing and personal development for over 15 years. He has taken the time to study, practice, and integrate these methods, and he has written over 400 articles on these subjects, as well as numerous podcasts and videos that can be found on his site and others.

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