*MEDITATION: How to Clear Akashic Records
By:Susan Revermann

The akashic records have been referred to as an etheric place where all thoughts, actions and words have been recorded in a universal filing system, comparable to the collective unconscious. It is believed that the akashic records hold the key to finding the answers that will help clear blockages of energy so one can be released from destructive patterns, dysfunctional relationships and become open to a brighter, more rich future. Feelings of lightness, greater inner peace, calm, joy and a deeper understanding of their purpose in this life are all effects that have been reported after clearing one's akashic records.

This exercise was extracted from Christopher Penczak's "Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth & Healing for the New Aeon."

Dim the lights and sit in a comfortable position with no distractions such as TV, phone, people, or distracting noises.

Relax your body slowly from the top of your head to your toes, releasing tension in each part, feeling waves of relaxation moving throughout your body.

Imagine a blank movie screen in your mind. You control everything that happens on the screen. Imagine the number 12 on the screen. Allow the number to stay on the screen for a moment, and then let it fade or erase it. Repeat the process, digressing numerically until you reach the number one.

Release this image of the screen. Slowly and silently count backwards from 13 to 1. Enjoy this calm alpha state for a few moments.

Call upon the divine, in whatever form you best feel comfortable---God, Goddess, Spirit, etc. Ask this individual to help you consciously connect with the source, asking for guidance and protection, and for any other spirits to be part of this activity if it is appropriate.

Bring your attention to each of the four directions, acknowledging the power of each. Give attention to the heavens above you and the space below you, and then bring your attention to your heart.

Imagine a shaft of light coming down from above, surrounding you with light, continuing down to the middle of the planet. You are now aligned with other dimensions and are ready for interdimensional communication and journey.

Imagine this pillar of light becoming a spiral staircase or elevator. Your guide will be there and will show you what needs to be done.

Ask for an ascended master to appear to help guide you in reading the akashic records, holding whatever intention that has brought you there.

Ask to see the akashic records for your soul history so you can understand your past.

Allow the records to present themselves. Akashic records can appear in many different ways. You may watch them on your screen, you may see words, the records may manifest to you, you may see it in your inner sight, on a computer terminal, or an old fashioned library with books and scrolls. Follow your intuition and your guide.

Ask your guide any questions that you may have, such as what the significance of the information has in your current life, how you can use it and how you can correctly access the information that is for your highest good.

Ask your guide for assistance to clear any negative energy that is held from previous lifetimes which is preventing you from living up to your potential.

Return to your body when you have finished, remembering to ground yourself and then record they experiences in a notebook.