How to Practice Kabbalah Meditation

Though Kabbalah mysticism has enjoyed a recent surge in visibility thanks to its adoption by a number of high-profile celebrities, it is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. If you're looking to deal with depression and reduce stress, Kabbalah meditation might be a transcendent way of finding new meaning in your life. Meditation is the ancient art of relaxing the body while focusing the mind.

Learn About Kabbalah Mysticism

Know that Kabbalah is primarily concerned with the important Jewish spiritual paradox of God being unknowable by thought, yet tangible and present in all things.

Be aware that Kabbalah meditation attempts to experience the divinity of God through intuitive, spiritual means.

Read up on the Kabbalistic tradition online. A thorough understanding will help guide your meditative practice.

Practice Kabbalah Meditation

Know what's involved. The practice of Kabbalah meditation generally involves a morning meditation, plus a recitation of the 3 blessings and meditation verses.

Learn the morning prayer online. It is a sequence of Hebrew letters, recited to give thanks to God and express our appreciation for a new day. It is coupled with an evening prayer.

Practice the 3 blessings, also available online. These are intended to invoke the healing power of spirits, allowing them to descend upon you and give you their strength.

Memorize the Kabbalah's meditation verses. This is usually recited at night, as a way of beseeching the powers that be to return your soul to your body in the morning. Kabbalistic thought holds that the spirit leaves the body during sleep to inhabit a higher plane of consciousness.

Find a Kabbalah center near you where you can receive expert instruction and network with like-minded individuals. Adherents of Kabbalistic principles have very community-minded values and welcome new members.