*MEDITATION: How to Practice Self-Inquiry Meditation
By:Dana George

The Self-Inquiry Meditation states exactly what it is—a meditation of self-inquiry. As you employ this practice of questioning, you should understand that it goes deeper than the definable qualities and characteristics of your life. It’s who you really are in the scheme of things.

Take a seat in a comfortable position, allowing yourself to relax and your brain to slow. Make sure your concentration isn’t centered on relaxation or clearing the mind of all that’s happened that day. Simply be. This should naturally let everything slip away.

After a few minutes of this, pose a question to yourself—“Who am I?” This inquiry isn’t one that’s asked to be actively pondered. In this meditative state, it’s asked to go deeper than the surface of what you know about yourself. This question is like a feather. Once asked, it’s let to float from side to side during your meditation until it disappears.

Ask this question again. After the first feather has disappeared, ask “Who am I?” for a second time. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by “I’m a mother, wife and daughter,” “I’m a father, husband and son.” Though these are very important aspects of your life, let the question go deeper.

Look inside as you let this question float through you, keeping it sincere yet totally unforced. This isn’t something that needs to be answered at this very moment. It’s a process of self-inquiry.

As you continue to practice the meditation of self-inquiry, the answer will inevitably come. But it won’t necessarily arrive in the form of a thought or some tangible thing you can put your finger on. It will come as almost a feeling, for lack of a better word, that will touch everything you do.