*MEDITATION: How to Read Akashic Records
By:Ian Moore

Have you ever wondered what your future will be or who you were in a past life? The Akashic Records have been referred to as the Universal Knowledge or Collective Consciousness. The Bible even refers to the Akashic Records when discussing the Book of Life. Sometimes described as a universal or cosmic information center, the Akashic Records are purported to contain all knowledge and are constantly updated. There is so much to learn and understand by gaining access to the Akashic Records. This tutorial is for anyone who wants to gain access to a higher knowledge.

In order to read the Akashic Records, you need to be in a trance state. In order to enter a trance state, find a calm, quiet place and lie down. Begin the exercise as you would when practicing meditation. Focus on the breath and block out all outside distractions. Say a prayer of protection. Visualize yourself surrounded by white light and love, then fall into a trance state.

Remain in trance. Do not fall asleep. Sit in a cross-legged position or in a chair, if lying down encourages sleepiness. The outside senses should be fading away and becoming indistinguishable now. Keep your mind focused and aware.

Try to think of a major event during a period in history. Feel it with all of your senses like you were actually there. Envision smells, sounds, sights and touch. For instance, if you are thinking about the Civil War, earnestly feel that you are on the battlefield.

Ask yourself what happened that day. Prepare to be shifted into a dream-like sequence. Be aware that at the earlier stages of practice, the images will be difficult to make out. Remember everything that you encountered and write down as much as possible the moment that you wake up. Do this exercise several times until you are able to recall the events with great clarity.

To read the Akashic Records, envision a great hall of knowledge with enormous stone pillars at its entrance. Visualize that all of the knowledge in the universe is inside this hall. Proceed into the hall and think of your full name with full intent. This is your identity. Guide yourself to a book that is designated to your soul. Think of an event that is a week into the future. Feel the shift into a dream sequence and record everything that you experienced upon waking.

Do this exercise until you are able visualize months and years ahead into the future. Check the events that you had written down with what actually happens. Go hundreds of years into the future and view your future incarnations. Go thousands of years into the past and view your past lives. The possibilities are endless.