How to Focus on Your Inner Awareness
By:Aimee Rebekah Shea

The daily level of stimuli, such as computers, telephones, televisions, and communication with family, coworkers, and friends stimulates our nervous system. This can translate into simple headaches and over time into anxiety and depression. Focusing on inner awareness brings your mind to a deep silent space. A regular practice of connecting to your inner awareness helps to balance the high stimuli coming from the outside world with the place of stillness within your soul. Regular practice also helps to develop an inner strength that can ground you. A simple daily practice to focus on inner awareness is mindful meditation. The purpose of mindful meditation is to develop a calm state of inner contentment; the practice itself gives you a roadmap for focusing on your inner awareness.

Create a sacred environment. When you connect to your inner awareness, you are connecting to your highest self. This is most effectively done in a clean environment free of distractions and noise. Surround your space with several meaningful items that inspire you, that calm you and make you feel good. This sacred environment can be in the corner of a room or under your favorite tree outside if you don't have a suitable indoor space.

Plan for several times each day to visit your space to practice. It is beneficial to create a space that is within your home. Every day in the morning and evening for ten minutes, visit the space to practice.

Focus on your posture; your level of energy is optimal when you are sitting straight up. Take a moment to connect with your body and become aware of your posture. You can sit in either a chair or cross-legged on the floor with your hands resting on your thighs. If in a chair, your feet should be flat on the floor. Keep your hips centered, and back straight. Imagine that there is a string pulling your spine straight up, feel your spine elongate, and then relax your shoulders.

Focus on an external object. You can use a candle, a vase of flowers, or one of your sacred items and focus your eyes on it. Softly focus your gaze to one point on the object.

Focus on your breath and the natural rhythm of your breath as it moves in and out. Feel your breath moving in and out of your body.

Pay attention to your thoughts. As your eyes focus on the external object and you focus on your breath moving in and out of your body, you enter a still place. Watch every thought that comes into your mind and label as a thought, then let it go and return your focus to your posture, gaze, and breath. Continue this practice for ten minutes.